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About ElectrolysisYes, electrolysis can permanently remove your unwanted hair. Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that is not temporary. Practitioners of electrolysis have been removing unwanted hair permanently since 1876. Electrolysis has a history of over 120 years of proven results, safety and reliability.

Excessive hair can be hereditary or a result of hormonal imbalances, caused by pregnancy, medication, or stress. Women and men who have excessive/unwanted hair suffer needlessly as electrolysis can eliminate unwanted hair forever.

Electrolysis is successful because it destroys the source of nourishment for the hair. Keeping regularly scheduled appointments is the key to maximizing the end result of ridding yourself of unwanted hair. You will no longer have to:
  1. Be embarrassed by unwanted hair
  2. Wear clothing that covers your unwanted hair, which most likely are not the clothes you would chose if there was not a hair issue
  3. Make excuses for not joining others at the pool or hot tub
  4. Worry that someone will notice the whiskers on your face or that someone will touch your face and feel the stubble
  5. Keep tweezers or razors within reach at all times

It is a wonderful freedom not to deal with unwanted hair problems and temporary methods that just make the hair situation worse.

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