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"Sylvia provides electrolysis services in a manner that really makes the whole experience a time that I know has been well spent on me. And, the results of my electrolysis have been wonderful. I appreciate the care Sylvia provides in her practice."
~ Alison

"Sylvia, I am so pleased with the service you provide. Today I left the About Electrolysis office feeling good about how my face looks. No more stubble, no more hiding my face with my hands, no more fretting. Thank you, Sylvia, for being there for all of the women and men who really need your services. Happy! Happy!"
~ Judy - Bucksport

"Simply put, electrolysis works. I only recently visited Sylvia after a 5 year hiatus. I have been nothing but pleased with the results."
~ R V

"No one is thrilled about having to go for electrolysis. However, I can tell you from experiences with three other technicians that Sylvia's technique is the least 'prickly'. She zaps quickly and efficiently in a very relaxing setting. Those unslightly hairs don't have a chance with her! That's why she's the one I return to when I'm in need of a clean up."
~ Happy and facially hairless in Orrington.

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